Context & Narrative

Community Eating House
A Place of and for Connection

TABLE tells the true story of every meal as the most basic act of shared humanity, to the simple act of giving thanks to all involved in its preparation. The chefs, the wait staff, the producers and farmers.

Embracing a ‘less is more’ approach to food, TABLE respects and honours the true value and true cost of food  without compromise to taste, nutrition or sustainability.

TABLE is a warm, convivial place for connection, where the simple act of hospitality unites all at the TABLE as well as those who have contributed to every meal and which enables guests from all backgrounds to share – food, good company and ideas.

Those who enjoy ‘a place at the TABLE’ do so with grace and courteous goodwill, paying in accordance with their economic means in thanks for the efforts that go into its preparation (from seed to plate).

Behind the scenes, TABLES, waiting staff, chefs, producers and farmers are collaborating on a culinary voyage to discover and re-discover tastes that we have lost and are yet to find to create ‘root to stalk’, primarily plant based delicious and nutritious dishes for family-style enjoyment.

TABLE will offer ‘Solidarity Tickets’ enabling guests to buy a place at the TABLE for someone else, opening the doors to everyone making it truly accessible and inclusive.